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Prof. Dr. Trisilpa Boonkhachorn : Western Influence on Twentieth Century Thai Literature

Modern Thai literature inherited Western literary genres, such as novel and short story which later on become the major trend of contemporary Thai literature. Even though Thai writers came forward with their own contents, ideas and forms of expression, Western influences can still be traced, both directly and indirectly, in the 20th Century Thai fiction. A distinguished amount of contemporary Thai fiction expressed distinctive features in subjects, forms, concepts and styles which are similar to those of modernism and postmodernism in the West. Thai writers in the globalized context share similar visions of antiglobalisation and anti-capitalism with international writers in this Global Village. With the expansion of translation in the world book market, Thai writers have been influenced or have been inspired by many world masterpieces, especially of the West.

Saturday, 05 July 2014
Time: 15:30 Uhr
Place: Room 120
Universität Hamburg
Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1
20146 Hamburg

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