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Buddhist Mobilities in Early Southeast Bagan and Angkor Re-considered

Buddhist Mobilities in Early Southeast  Bagan and Angkor Re-considered will be conducted by Dr. Tilman Frasch.  Dr. Tilman Frasch is Reader in Asian History at the Department of History, Politics & Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University. He studied South Asian History, Indian Languages (Indology) and European History at Heidelberg University, where he also gained MA and PhD degrees with dissertations on the early history of Myanmar (Burma). After teaching at Heidelberg University and holding research fellowships at Manchester and Singapore he joined MMU in 2006.

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Dienstag, den 2. Mai 2017
Zeit: 16:00 – 18:00
Ort: VMP-6 Hörsaal F Universität Hamburg Von Melle Park 6

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